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1249 Ihiihi Place.

Project Description

Investment Opportunity Closed

This project at 1249 Ihiihi Place, in Whitmore Village, included a full renovation on the existing property, as well as adding a new addition on the remaining square footage of lot, creating a duplex. Permits for the new addition have been approved and the foundation and framing has begun. The new home will be completed within just a few weeks. The properties have been divided (CPR’d) and will be resold at a predicted market value of about $450,000 each.

  • Purchase Price: $430,000
  • Acquisition Date: November 30th, 2015
  • Construction Budget: $201,000
  • After Repair Value: $900,000
  • Current Status: In Progress

Please contact us for a full detailed description & summary if you are interested in investing with us on this project.

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