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Turtle Bay Land Company is locally owned and operated. We understand that a shortage of housing and escalating prices is making it difficult for local families to afford to stay in Hawaii. Our passion is to build Hawaii’s future one house at a time. This means that we rehab homes or build new homes so that local families can stay in Hawaii. We also partner with local families who are in distressed situations by purchasing their home so they can have a new start for the future.
As a company, we believe that an old-fashioned handshake and a back-of-the napkin agreement is the ideal way to do business. Although nostalgic, we hold the same values that the handshake represented which is a deep commitment to the highest standard of trust and integrity. We are relentless in being impeccable with our word by standing accountable to our commitments in all that we do.
Founded in 2002, Turtle Bay Land Company has been in business on O’ahu, Hawaii for 15 years with over 220 successful residential projects. Our company’s team of experienced contractors, real estate professionals, and marketing professionals, combine to create a collaborative pool of talent that has created Hawaii’s leading real estate investment company!
Real estate investing is always characterized by unexpected challenges and seemingly impossible situations. Whether it is helping a homeowner facing foreclosure; or, working with the department of planning on delayed permits; or, uncovering an unforeseen construction dilemma, our team is skilled in ascertaining creative solutions.
We find solutions that work for all parties involved. From our property owners, to our financial partners, and to our team, we create solutions where EVERYONE “wins”. We value every relationship and seek to identify solutions that benefits all parties involved. We create “Win-Win” solutions for every relationship and endeavor we undertake at Turtle Bay Land Company.

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Welcome to Turtle Bay Land Company!
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